How Many Hours do Business Owners Work

Getting Too Impatient Is an Issue

FB advertising can work fast, but there’s still going to be some amount of lead time. If your budget is small, don’t expect server-crashing traffic. Facebook’s cost per click is rising, so it takes a decent budget and plenty of time to build up enough revenues. Don’t fret if you start a small campaign and don’t get instant results. Give FB enough time to find audience members and display the advertisements. Don’t forget; they’re building data profiles every step of the way. Even if you aren’t getting fantastic results at first, they may dial it in a few days.

Not Knowing the Market Well Enough

No matter what you’re attempting to sell via social media marketing, you have to know your market. You’ll need to be an expert about every aspect of your business. Customers are knowledgable and are willing to deal with new vendors. However, they want to know that you’re an expert. You will also need to extend that same expertise to the areas of marketing, sales, and customer service.

If you’re planning on being an affiliate, you should know the offers you promote intimately. Again, you’ll want to recommend them to your audience authoritatively. You can only do that with a deep command of the products and services.

You’re Not Using the Shopping Features

If you’re running an e commerce operation, you’ll find there are a few options just for you. You can choose to promote product pages, boost posts, or display your entire catalog to the site’s global audience. Shopping is a favorite of activity for many visitors on the app, so make sure to include them. You may want to ensure you’re choosing shopping as Behavior too. That way, FB will show the ads to people they know are more likely to click on “Buy Now” buttons.

If you think that you need to warm up users before purchase, consider adding a landing page with a coupon offer. You can get potential prospects to opt-in to receive special offers. That’s a fast way to build a mailing list so that you can contact people over and over again. If you sell products that people re-order a lot, this tactic is hugely beneficial.

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